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QUOTE of the WEEK!

‚ÄúChristianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance.  The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.

~ C.S Lewis


At Discovery we have a core value that states "we value people over programs and processes". This core value allows us many freedoms when it comes to the kinds of ministries that become part of our church family. The reality is there are many wonderful programs that occur in our city that we do not want to try replicating those ministries for the sake of having a competing program. 

Honestly, we would rather send out people to get involved in ALPHA or another program that is already occurring in Ridge Meadows. We are all God's people and we do not want to just replicate programming and put resources into something that we can partner with instead. After all, we all only have limited time and resources available to us in today's world. The sending out of participants and helpers is solidly founded in the idea that we are part of the city church and not a kingdom unto ourselves!

Also as a community of faith we firmly believe in allowing God to lead us into the adventures of ministry that He has planned for us as His people planted here in Ridge Meadows and beyond. That means that our ministries are ever-evolving and often changing to better serve our family of faith and the twin communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.


At Discovery we are COMMITTED to moving people to maturity and service for Christ. In order to do that we need a strategy and plan. We have discovered in almost 20 years of ministry that a simple plan to move people from CROWD to COMMITTED is necessary to building a church community that truly impacts lives and the city where they are situated. At Discovery we have adopted a model from Saddleback Community Church in order to not waste time trying to re-invent the wheel. We can chose to be UNIQUE in our approach or we can chose as a faith family to be EFFECTIVE. At Discovery we chose to be EFFECTIVE and this has been a tool we recently implemented that is have a vital impact in our goal to raise up "SOLD OUT" ministry partners in Jesus Christ!


One of the unique things that you will encounter here at Discovery is our a foundational life class is entitled, "Understanding the Bible: A Biblical Overview Program" This class is designed to help participants connect the major themes and characters of each book of the Bible so that when they read the WORD for themselves there is a solid foundation to assist them in understanding what God desires for our lives. This class engages participants in understanding the ten great and significant doctrines of the Bible. And finally those who choose to undertake this 135 page study will also develop a solid understanding of the major concepts of God's WORD.