DISCOVERY ONLINE! 

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Welcome to the "Latest Scoop" where we catch you up on some of the latest news and stuff happening at DC of Ridge Meadows!

This page is constantly being updated so please check back often to find out what our community of faith has been up to in the beautiful twin communities of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge and beyond!

If you want more information on any of the things you read about in this section of our website, please feel free to contact our Church Administrator Ellen Kerfers @ info.discoverychurchrm.com

Follow Pastor Trevor's Recovery from Concussion!

Our very own Pastor Trevor was diagnosed with a severe concussion in August of this year after a boating accident on July 20. In response to a challenge that God has set a new ministry opportunity in the midst of his recovery he has begun a daily blog about the day-to-day journey of recovering from something he NEVER saw coming. 

You can find the blog here by following the link below. Be sure to sign up to the blog in order to receive the daily posts.

Here is the link: https://myinjuredbrainjourney.home.blog

Coming Oct 26 & 27... Conversation #2... Where are we GOING?

On Friday Oct 26 from 7-9 p.m. and Saturday Oct 27 from 9 a.m.-noon we are hosting the second of our REFOCUSING conversations which are designed to help us to LISTEN to "WHAT" and "WHERE" God may be leading our church community in the future. We begin the process by asking the QUESTION... "Where are we GOING?" 

This question will assist us in looking at WHERE God has been with us in the past 3 years and
WHAT He has been guiding us to become as a church community. It will also set us up for the following conversations coming in October and November.

IF you are a part of the Discovery Church family we need you to mark you calendars for this event and join us as we SEEK God together for the FUTURE!

Coming Sept 28 & 29... Conversation #1... Where have we been?

On Friday Sept 28 from 7-9 p.m. we are hosting the first of our REFOCUSING conversations which are designed to help us to LISTEN to "WHAT" and "WHERE" God may be leading our church community in the future. We begin the process by asking the QUESTION... "Where have we been?" 

This question will help us build a perspective on where God has been with us and leading us in the past and it will set the foundation for the following conversations coming in October and November.

IF you are a part of the Discovery Church family we need you to mark you calendars for this event and join us as we SEEK God together for the FUTURE!

Coming July 29th... Church @ Country Fest!

On Sunday July 29th... we will be joining the churches of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows at Church at Country Fest. This is an annual outdoor joint service at Maple Ridge's Country Festival located on the Albion Fairgrounds in Maple Ridge. This year we are please to have David Edgerton from St. George's here in Maple Ridge delivering the WORD of God for us. We invite you to mark your calendars now and plan on bringing along a chair and plenty of sunscreen for what has always been a highlight of the year for the churches of Ridge Meadows!

New SERIES beginning July 8 @ D.C.!

Starting on July 8th... we will be beginning a new series for the summer months at Discovery entitled... "How's Your HEART?" The reality is many people NEVER stop long enough in the journey of life and faith to engage this simple yet profound question that affects every aspect of our lives. In this series we will be looking at FOUR of the enemies of our hearts that cause our spiritual hearts to grow cold or calloused. They are the HEART blockers of GUILT, ANGER, GREED, and JEALOUSY. If you have ever struggled with any one of these four enemies of the HEART we invite you to JOIN us for this challenging and transforming series!

New SERIES beginning April 15 @ D.C.!

Starting on April 15... we will be engaging a 9 week series entitled... "BLESSED to be a BLESSING!" In this series Pastor Trevor will help us to understand HOW we can be a BLESSING to each other in community by walking through nine of the "one another' passages found in the New Testament of the Bible. The REALITY is God desires to BLESS our lives so that we can in turn be a BLESSING to those around us.  We HOPE you can JOIN us for this thought-provoking and life-changing look at what it means to live in biblical community together!


On Sunday March 25 we will be beginning a new TWO-PART series for the EASTER season entitled... "RESURRECTION REALITY!" In this series Pastor Trevor will be examining the top 10 REASONS for belief in the resurrection. 10 reasons that are accepted widely by historians, both secular and Christian, liberal or conservative! IF you have ever doubted or wondered about the reality and historicity of the resurrection account which is the CENTRAL defining moment of the Christian faith OR IF you have someone in your life that has this series is tailor-made just for you!
So WHY not join us for this two-part series that is sure to engage you both intellectually and spiritually this Easter season!

New Womens' Study: The LIFE of ESTHER

Women of Discovery and friends! Here is an opportunity for you to engage with other women and grow your faith and walk with Jesus by studying the life of Esther. In this unique study that will be hosted by Barb Stearns starting on Feb 10 you will gain valuable insight into what it means to be a women of faith, obedience, and courage!  Here are the main details:

When:  Begins February 10 - we will meet Saturday mornings about 9:30 AM at my place.  That could change based on the number who are interested.

What:  We will be studying Beth Moore's study on 'Esther - It's tough being a woman'.  The study will have a DVD we will watch together every week, and a workbook for you to do throughout the week.  The Workbook will be about $25, and I can put in an order for people who want them right away, so please let me know ASAP.  If the cost is a deterrent for you, let me know as well, as we have a way to help out with those costs.  I recommend everyone get a workbook, as it makes the study so much deeper for you. We will be meeting every week, as I have borrowed the study materials from another church, and only have it a limited time.   Feel free to call me, or text me on my cell at 604.805.6355 if you have any questions!!

New series for 2018... #BLESSED!

This Sunday we will be kicking off the New Year with a new series for 2018 entitled... #BLESSED! o li

Did you know that God wants you to live a BLESSED life?

It's TRUE but it may not be the kind of life that you might imagine. In this new series for the New Year Pastor Trevor will be taking us on a journey through the BEATITUDES of Jesus so that we can  connect to the reality that God desires each one of us to live a life of blessing to Him, each other and the community where we are find ourselves!

COME join us for this FOUNDATIONAL series for 2018 and beyond!


On Sunday, December 24 we will be HOSTING our annual "NOT SO TRADITIONAL" Christmas Eve Candlelight service. This year our Christmas Eve service will begin at 4:30 with Carols, worship, message, and a special "NOT SO TRADITIONAL" candlelight ending!

We want to INVITE you to join us as we usher in the REASON for the season and the celebration of Christmas Day with a special time to engage and embrace the TRUE meaning of the Christmas season!

See YOU this Sunday 4:30 p.m. @ Colleen Findlay Place

CHRISTMAS Community Potluck Dec 17th!

On Sunday December 17th friends and family alike are invited to join us for our annual Christmas Community Potluck and service. We will be hosing a potluck lunch to celebrate the season directly after our service. If you plan on attending please bring along a salad, side dish, or dessert to share with the rest of the gang at D.C.

We hope to see you there as we celebrate together the REASON for the season!


On Sunday December 3 Pastor Trevor will be returning from his 3 month sabbatical to begin our CHRISTMAS series entitled... "FRESH EYES!"

Sometimes at Christmas the story can seem so familiar that we fail to stop and really engage the most amazing event in the history of the world. 

In this series Pastor Trevor will take a FRESH look at the Christmas story from the point of view of some of the participants in the original events that ushered in our Saviour's birth!

Come join us for a FRESH look into the Christmas story that is sure to get your heart, soul, and mind engaged and excited for the special day that we CELEBRATE... the birth of Jesus Christ!


On Sunday August 27, we will be HOSTING our SEMINAR 101: DISCOVERING COMMUNITY! 

In this seminar we introduce participants to "WHAT" makes Discovery Church of Ridge Meadows unique in its mission to serve Christ in Ridge Meadows and beyond!

In this informative and fun seminar participants learn about our core values, our unique ministries, and ways that they can get PLUGGED in at D.C.

For more information about the seminar that runs directly after our Sunday service from 12:30 - 4:00 p.m. please contact Pastor Trevor at rev_trev@discoverychurchrm.com or 604.306.3044

Pastoral Sabbatical Announced!

On September 1... Pastor Trevor will be beginning a 3 month sabbatical journey. After 14 years of ministry the LEAD Team has decided in consultation with Pastor Trevor to release him for this period of time for some refreshment, refocusing, and refuelling. This will be an amazing time for everyone involved and as a community of faith our prayers are with Pastor Trevor and his family as they embark on this journey together. We also look forward to "WHAT" God is going to do in our midst as we will be blessed with a group of guest speakers from the IMMERSE program at Northview Community Church, ACTS Seminary and Columbia Bible College.

We want to invite you to be part of this incredible time in our church family and to pray for the Stearns family as they disengage from full-time ministry for a brief season of rest and rejuvenation. 


On Sunday August 6... Pastor Trevor will begin a new series for the month of August entitled... "FREQUENCY: TUNING IN to the VOICE of GOD!" In this 3 part series we will be exploring how we can LEARN to HEAR the VOICE of GOD in our lives both individually and collectively!

We INVITE you to plan on joining us starting on Aug 6 for this challenging and informative series!

CHURCH at Country Fest!

On Sunday July 30... we will be joining with other churches in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows at our annual CHURCH at Country Fest!

This church event is a highlight of the year as we celebrate together in a public service the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus in our twin cities. 

We invite you to join us as there will be NO regular service at Colleen Findlay Place!   

                                                              SERVICE begins at 10:00 a.m. at the Albion Fairgrounds!


On Sunday July 16 we will be CELEBRATING 20 years of ministry in the beautiful communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. We are inviting one and all who have had a touch with the church over the past 20 years to join us for a very special day of worship, fun, family and food!

Pastor Dan Warkentien, our founding pastor will be joining us for this special day and there will be games, music and a celebration to follow.

IF you are able to make it to this special day we would ask that you connect with us so we have an idea of actual numbers. You can contact us by email at 20Anniversary@discoverychurchrm.com OR by calling Pastor Trevor at 604-306-3044


On Monday, June 26 from 7-8:30 PM we will be starting a new ministry in connection with Church on the Rock Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge entitled... "ROCKED" 

In this joint effort we will be running a bi-weekly ministry for kids age 9-14. One week will be a time of learning and growth and the second week will be a time of engaging the community of Ridge Meadows in many different ways. 

For more information contact Tristen @ 604-500-5693 or Pastor Trevor @ 604-306-3044.